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Comment and I shall...

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 1:43 AM
  • Mood: Artistic
Ann by Nayshi-Erol
Oh I haven't uploaded here for a while, have I? This was supposed to stay in my folder unseen forever but I have to upload something. 
Yes, I cut it on the knees. Because I can.
Kikimora by J-Grey
First of all you've done a great job and you managed to keep an awesome atmosphere that keeps engaging the viewer.
But I think I know why you don't like this picture.
- composition. See how the character is right in the center of the picture? That's making the composition boring. What you should do is add a little more space in the bottom(cuz she walks that direction) and a little less space on the top. Look at the left and the right sides. They are the same size and both have very similar trees in the corners. You may add more space on the right side. You've done a great job adding a crane and a pond thus breaking the symmetry, but it needs to be even more different.
I think you don't need such a strong perspective on the trees, because this makes her look giant, and I'm not sure if that's the idea.

- colors. there's nothing much wrong with colors because you did a nice job with the pallet, I just wish there would be more reflective lights on the objects. Don't make shadows using black or gray - it makes the picture messy and boring. try adding greenish-gray and yellow and see how it looks. Experiment more.

- organic shapes. crane and the girl look pretty realistic. I can see that she has a skin texture and the bird has a lot of feathers, but I can't say the same thing about grass and trees. This shows that you have little practice with botanic elements. make trees grow in different directions, study them from photos and nature. make grass sorter and add more different colors of it, see how it looks on photos. Same goes for water and all other stuff.

- anatomy. Good job here. I can tell that you draw a lot and know what you're doing. I can advise you to be less stiff and allow more movement for your models. Good thing would be to look at animation sketches because studios like Disney draw realistic people and still give them nice fluent motion. Also try constructively drawing everything that stays under the dress - I can see that you had troubles with torso.
-face. You're right it looks 30+ years old. I personally have no problems with that, but if you want her younger try not using sharp edges and lines, make it lighter and the shadows more fluent. Be careful with drawing nasolabial fold - that's the older peoples trait. Try adding more colors and shades to hair, challenge yourself not to use black on hair next time but still make it realistic.

I hope this helps. I think this peace will be great if you add a few alterations, the idea is still strong and you definitely know what you're doing. Good luck!

Requests and tumblr

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2014, 12:30 AM
Some artists are always sure what to draw next and what inspires them the most, like drawing only wolfs or kittens or making fan-art of some show. Do you feel comfortable making simple portraits on a blank canvas, or do you want to create something meaningful? I'm definitely the second type. But limiting yourself is a great way to make stuff easier. 
How can I decide what subject of drawings is "my thing"? As you might notice most of DA famous artists have their own styles and a very defined comfort zone. 
For some time I had this "main idea" but now I'm lost. How do you identify what is "your thing"?

As you might see, I'm not exactly a beginner, and I like to draw a lot of stuff, but I want to find my style that would be my identity.
It's the way you swim by Nayshi-Erol  When you have nothing to do by Nayshi-Erol  Who sleeps in the middle of the day? by Nayshi-Erol   here are some of my artworks, and I would like you to share yours just like the examples of your comfort zone and to tell me what inspired you to choose that subject for drawing. 
I'm always looking forward to speak with an intelligent person! :)  


Mary Yanko
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Comment and I shall...

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 1:43 AM
  • Mood: Artistic


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